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Hello, I'm Hannah Alys.

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Hannah Alys

I'm a designer, photographer, and recently turned matcha lover (sorry coffee). I have a little Westie named Milo, with a lot of spunk, and am co-mom to Benny, to my besties dog. Pets make our souls happy so you will never have to ask if you can bring them along on a shoot, they are always welcome.

I am a recently turned furniture flipper and thrift queen (a self-proclaimed title, though if you saw my home I’m sure you would agree). I probably have had 8 different hairstyles and colours over the last couple of years. I feel like each hairstyle marks a different phase in my life.

Creating is something I don't think i'll ever be able to stop doing. Whether i'm capturing photos, designing for brands, or tackling a new home project, my creativity is always in drive. My goal with anything I make is to ensure you feel represented and that you feel good seeing yourself represented.

I really wasn't kidding about the hair...
Hannah Alys Pink Hair
Hannah Alys
Hannah ALys
Hannah Alys
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Can't forget the fur baby.

Everything is designed, but few things are well-designed.

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